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Star header will not un-highlight


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Once I click the star header to sort messages by their star status, that header will not un-highlight once I click on another header.  Thus, I'll have two headers highlighted, one always being the star header.
Using the following:
version 2 beta 2 (20070223)
this might be a bug in the pinstripe theme. I can't reproduce this on windows. on the mac works ok so it is a regression.
Keywords: regression
Hey Neil, I'm seeing some weirdness with tree widgets on the 1.8 branch and the trunk. Have you seen anything like this before?

* The sortDirection attribute is not getting removed from treecol-icons when the sort order moves to another column. I do see the sortDirection attribute get removed for non icon based tree-cols. DOM Inspector for Windows and mac both show the attribute getting left behind.

* On the Mac, when a treecol-icon has the sortDirection attribute set on it, I see a sort arrow getting drawn underneath the treecol icon which shouldn't be there. Windows doesn't suffer this problem.
Which tree is this? If it's the thread pane, it has it's own implementation of handling sort indicators. (UpdateSortIndicators in threadPane.js) so there's probably a bug somewhere there.

(In reply to comment #4)
> Which tree is this? If it's the thread pane, it has it's own implementation of
> handling sort indicators. (UpdateSortIndicators in threadPane.js) so there's
> probably a bug somewhere there.

Ah, right you are Neil. It looks like the bug is in UpdateSortIndicators  for the issue Sherman is seeing. I've got a fix for that.

The 2nd issue with the sort arrow getting drawn underneath the tree col icon, I'll spin that off into a separate bug. 
UpdateSortIndicators scared me :)

This patch is for the branch only and it properly removes the sort indicator from all columns instead of just removing it from the columns to the right of the column we are going to sort by.

I have another patch for the trunk which does a bunch of cleanup on this method to make it a bit less scarier, but I don't want to put that on the branch.
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This is a regression from bug 256688.
Blocks: 256688
I can't actually reproduce the bug as described; the bug only applies if group by sort is in effect and changing the sort order always seems to turn that off.
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branch only patch

>+  for (var i=0; i < treeColumns.length; i++)
Nit: spacing around i = 0

>+    treeColumns.item(i).removeAttribute('sortDirection');
Nit: treeColumns[i] should work.

But I'd still like to know how to reproduce this ;-)
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Ok, this is fixed on the branch with Neil's review comments. I'm leaving the bug open until I have time to finish up my patch that cleans up this routine.
Keywords: fixed1.8.1.3
Apparently this checkin broke SeaMonkey mailnews on branch. When I pulled a current tree, thread (and msg) pane stayed empty and mouse cursor stayed in busy state in the mail window. After backing out those changes to mailnews/base/resources/content/threadPane.* it works again.
I suck. Checking in a fix right now.
Fix checked in sorry for the mess guys. 
Depends on: 372261
verified fixed on the 1.8 branch using the Tbird cand build, version (20070326). I verified using a PPC Mac running 10.3.9. I am able to switch back and forth between the star header and other headers with no issues. Adding branch keyword.
Is it a problem on trunk? I don't see it on linux.
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does not fail on trunk, so closing FIXED
Closed: 11 years ago
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