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Unempowered requestee is silently discarded


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I tried to request superreview from while attaching a patch to a security-sensitive bug. However, as he was not CC'd on the bug at the time he wasn't sufficiently empowered to access the patch. Previous versions of Bugzilla would send him the request, at which point he'd have to bug me on IRC to CC him on the bug, however the version currently installed at simply silently discards the requestee.

Now I'm not a fan of that stupid "the match was inconclusive so we have left the requestee field blank" message but even that has to be better than nothing.
Severity: major → normal
Keywords: dataloss
Re-adding the dataloss keyword because I lost data...
Keywords: dataloss
The description of "dataloss" is:

"For bugs which that do not crash, but do cause critical data loss."

So I do agree that this bug sucks, and I hate having the system silently not do what you told it to do, but it's not a critical loss of data.
Keywords: dataloss
mkanat rejected the UI thing in bug 364177 comment 10 and so we only kept the minimal fix, i.e. avoid to delete all requestees. IMO, we can take the remaining part of my initial patch as is here.
Neil, did you request by full name or partial? I just requested a review from someone not cc-ed to a restricted bug. The first time I used a partial name and the requestee was silently discarded, without even the error message that comes up when requestee name is partial and non-unique. The second time I used the full name and got an error message:

You asked ... for review on bug ..., attachment ..., but that bug has been restricted to users in certain groups, and the user you asked isn't in all the groups to which the bug has been restricted. Please choose someone else to ask, or make the bug accessible to users on its CC: list and add that user to the list.

Note that the message is rather misleading, because the bug was already accessible to users on the CC: list
Might be the difference between asking when creating an attachment, and asking when the attachment already exists?
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