Floating point issues on "Linux qm-rhel02 dep unit test"



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The regression test for bug 372770 is failing on "Linux qm-rhel02 dep unit test" while passing on both other test boxen and locally.  The error when it fails is consistent with the FPU producing bogus results, as far as I can tell.

Are there FPU precision issues on this box?  If so, could we resolve them?

If not, what can I do to figure out why this is failing?  Is there any way to run an interactive debug session on this box?

Note that I'm disabling the tests for now so the tree can go green...
robcee, any idea what's up here?

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12 years ago
Pretty sure this should be on build for troubleshooting as this is not a simple "restart tinderbox".  Moving...
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Actually these are administered by robcee; moving to Core/Testing :)
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I have no idea if there are any FPU precision issues on the VM and unsure how I'd check such a thing (other than throwing around some large floating point numbers and checking the results). As it's a VM with some other machines running on the same host, it's unlikely a hardware issue.

so, I'm looking for guidance on how to get this fixed. Boris, if you need debugging access to the machine, we can probably set that up.
> and unsure how I'd check such a thing 

Run a debug build and see whether you get the FPU precision warnings from the JS engine?  Or duplicate the code they use to test this in a small app and run it?

If you can get me access to just debug on that machine, that would rock.
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Wrong window; didn't mean to reassign to me.
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Tests are no longer running on qm-rhel02. Closing.
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