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feature tracking bug for fx3 download manager issues


(Toolkit :: Downloads API, defect)

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(Reporter: dmosedale, Assigned: dmosedale)




(Keywords: meta)

Not clear to me if this is the tracking bug for the downloads.rdf corruptions (see Bug 372659, Bug 373027, Bug 358914) or rather the UI.
Sorry for not being more specific.  This is for tracking download manager  features specified in the PRD:

Summary: tracking bug for fx3 download manager issues → feature tracking bug for fx3 download manager issues
Can I nominate bug 18004, bug 104539, bug 111821, bug 142102, bug 299372 to this list?
Depends on: 18004, 104539, 111821, 142102, 299372
Adding bug 230870 (Cross Session resumable downloads), which is a P2 on the list.
And see
Depends on: 230870
Keywords: meta
Version: unspecified → Trunk
Is bug 184452 (Necko - Allow handling of files > 2gig (>2 GB)) finally fixed? If yes, should be modified to state in which version it was fixed.
No longer depends on: 104539
Depends on: 377792
Depends on: 377793
Depends on: 103487
Depends on: 381517
I'd like to nominate automatic unpacking of .zip and .dmg files, to match Safari and save users a few steps.  (Bug 175008 covers zip files, with the additional hope of incremental unzipping.)
i'd like to nomintate Bug 382597 (preverse Time and Date of File being downloaded)
Depends on: 381803
No longer depends on: 381803
No longer depends on: 377792
Depends on: 392293
Depends on: 393301
Depends on: 393303
Depends on: 393305
Depends on: 396590
Since Firefox 3 has ended up using blocking flags and wanted keywords for bug tracking rather than dependency trees, I've set the appropriate bits and/or requested feedback on all the child bugs here.  Resolving this one as INVALID.
Closed: 17 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
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