Confusing text: "Skip reviewing my current add-on information"



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12 years ago
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The checkbox text for "Skip reviewing my current add-on information" on Step 1 • Upload File in the developer control panel is confusing. I keep thinking that by checking it, I can bypass the reviewers and/or extension review process. That made me wonder if, when checked, my extension would only be available perhaps privately or in some sandbox, but not ever make it to the public AMO site for download.

I had to ask for the meaning of this checkbox in IRC.

Please consider changing the wording. Some suggestions follow if you can't think of any yourself.

<ericjung> On the AMO preview site, what happens if I choose "Skip reviewing my current add-on information" when submitting a new release? I can submit extensions and bypass the approval process?
<Lucy> ericjung: I think that means that it won't prompt you to make sure the info you submitted is correct
<ericjung> lucy: ok. it's worded funny. it makes me think i can bypass the reviewers.
<Lucy> I guess so, although the subject is "add-on information"
<ericjung> the subject of what?
<Lucy> but I hear ya, we can definitely put a different word in the means the same thing
<Lucy> the subject of the sentence, as opposed to the object
<ericjung> i'm looking at "Step 1 • Upload File"
<shaver> the object is "add-on information"
<shaver> the subject is implied as "you"
<Lucy> :(
<Lucy> I always get those backwards
<Lucy> but I thought i had them right this time
<ericjung> are you a native English speaker?
<ericjung> might i suggest use of the word "validate" or "validation" if you mean that the AMO website will verify t he contents of the XPI with what the author enters?
<shaver> it means "would you like to change any of the add-on info, or use the existing ones"?
<ericjung> in any case, thank you. i hope you consider rewording "Skip reviewing my current add-on information" -- I don't care what it's changed to, but the current wording confuses me with the reviewers/review process
<shaver> can you file a bug to that effect, so it doesn't slip through the cracks?
<shaver> I agree that it could be made clearer, but we'll have to co-ordinate with the localizers as well

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Login to as a developer
2. Goto Developer Control Panel
3. Click the "New Version" graphic for any pre-existing extension (if you don't have a pre-existing extension, you'll have to upload one first)
4. Stare at the "Skip reviewing my current add-on information" on the following page (Step 1 • Upload File)
Actual Results:  
I was confused.

Expected Results:  
Not confuse me.

Comment 1

12 years ago
There is a Submission Help link on most steps of the process, including that step, which explains what each item is.

Comment 2

12 years ago
You mean the tiny little hyperlink under "Step 5" (screenshot: I didn't even notice it until I read your comment. Even if the help link is more prominently displayed, what has that got to do with the original bug? Don't you think the wording of the checkbox is confusing?


12 years ago
Assignee: nobody → fligtar

Comment 3

12 years ago
It's been relabeled "Skip updating my current add-on information" in r3064.
Last Resolved: 12 years ago
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Product: → Graveyard
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