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On the firefox logo does not respect our visual identity guidelines (

Ragged edges, no logo, lacks the copyright symbol.


12 years ago
Depends on: 375295

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12 years ago
The logos on and don't include the copyright
symbol either.. so I've filed bug 375295 against to find out how
important it is to follow these guidelines. Putting a little copyright symbol
there is going to look a bit ugly I think.
actually I am more worried about the lack of shadow, it makes the logo a bit rough ;)

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12 years ago
See bug 375295 for more discussion -- as Cameron notes there we don't follow the copyright symbol rule consistently on or either. After reviewing the Firefox logo on AMO it does look a bit rough around the edges. Cameron -- I'm going to email you a high res copy of the logo to play with that contains the shadow. Steven Garrity can also advise you on optimizing the logo for best display at the size you're using on AMO.

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12 years ago
Let me also add that based on the usage of the Firefox logo elsewhere on IMO you don't need to use the copyright symbol in this instance. I'll clarify what the plan is for updating the visual identity guidelines, and what the legal requirements are for displaying the copyright symbol.

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12 years ago
Created attachment 259694 [details]
New Firefox logo

At this size, you can't even see the copyright symbol anyway, although the Thunderbird one seems to have it...

Requesting review for the sake of protocol.
Assignee: nobody → cameron
Attachment #259694 - Flags: first-review?(pkim)
(In reply to comment #5)
> Requesting review for the sake of protocol.

Cameron - this looks good, but is a full-color alpha-transparent PNG, which will have a white background in Internet Explorer. We'll probably have to convert the image to 256-color to have 1-bit transparency for the sake of IE.

Since this image lives on top of a gradient backgorund, this will have to be done with some care to make sure it still blends nicely into the background.

Cameron, is this something you can have a go at? If not, let me know and I'll do it.

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12 years ago
Created attachment 259696 [details]
256 colour png

The images for the other applications are full colour alpha transparent PNGs... and since IE7 supports this and any user with Windows XP should have received an automatic update notification regarding it, and we're making a site targeted at Mozilla-based browsers, the amount I care about IE6 users is rapidly approaching 0.

That said - is this what you wanted? I've not experience doing this before. If I look closely enough I think I can still see a bit of a ring there. Screenshot shortly.

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12 years ago
Created attachment 259697 [details]
Screenshot of 256 colour PNG over gradient background
Cameron, since this logo is used over top of other backgrounds on the site, let's keep the full alpha-transparent version you had already (sorry for the extra work).
Cameron, do you have what you need to commit this?

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12 years ago
(In reply to comment #10)
> Cameron, do you have what you need to commit this?

I was waiting for pkim's r+ with regard to the copyright symbol.


12 years ago
Attachment #259694 - Flags: first-review?(pkim) → first-review+

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12 years ago
Checked in.

SVN r3073

This won't hit production until the next batch of updates goes through.
Last Resolved: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

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12 years ago
Sorry for the lag Cameron - just filed a bug to sync to grab this change.
(In reply to comment #13)
> Sorry for the lag Cameron - just filed a bug to sync to grab this
> change.

This is for AMO, not morgamic / clouserw will need to tag this and request a sync themselves.

Comment 15

12 years ago
My bad -- morgamic: can you review?
Sure -- I think this looks good.  +r=morgamic.  This was apparently already checked in by Cameron... ?

Anyway, we'll have to merge again to the production tag and check w/ the other guys in the morning to see if we're ready to push the next batch.

Will update in the AM.
Looks great after the update.

Comment 18

12 years ago
+1. shiny. thanks cameron!
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