Provide trash can/recycle bin functionality for events deleted from calendars



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Sunbird 0.3.1
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to be able to recover erased items of the calendar when accidentally they were erased

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11 years ago
Version: unspecified → Sunbird 0.3.1
What's wrong with 'undo' (which is already implemented)

Comment 2

11 years ago
a way to see and recover erased items. The function 'undo' works correctly but single for last erased item
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Comment 3

11 years ago
It sounds like what is wanted is a sort of "Trash Can" functionality for calendar.  Is that correct?  It would basically function like the "Trash Can" on Thunderbird. Deleted items would go there first, and then could be permanently deleted from there once the user decides they are truly no longer needed.

There are a couple of interesting use cases why we might want something like that in the future.

1. Automatic invitation processing: If you updated an invite with some information, perhaps driving directions from your home to the event, and an automatic update is processed, stomping out your changes, it would be nice to be able to find the version of the event you had updated so you don't lose your directions.

2. "Spam" or "Junk" calendar events.  One day we may unfortunately be faced with Spam events. In that context, a "Junk Event" folder may be needed and that would essentially be the same UI as what is proposed here.

Leaving as Unconfirmed RFE for now until we have more of an idea where this fits into our timeline.
Summary: to be able to recover erased items → Provide trash can/recycle bin functionality for events deleted from calendars
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Comment 4

11 years ago
I really agree on the fact that Sunbird and Lightning should provide a trash can for deleted events and tasks, allowing to restore events and tasks deleted by mistake (exactly as provided by Thunderbird).

Considering that the risk to delete an event or a task by mistake is very common, I believe that this feature should be absolutely implemented before version 1.0 of Sunbird and Lightning, in order to give the users a safe and reliable application.

The following functionalities should be provided:
- when the end user deletes an event or a task, these should not be physically deleted, but should be logically moved in the trash can
- the end user should be able to browse the contents of the trash can
- the end user should be able to restore a deleted event or task
- the end user should be able to empty the trash can, thus physically deleting all the events and tasks containd in it

From the technical point of view, and giving my very limited knowledge of the calendar, the trash can could be implemented in two different ways:
a. creating a duplicated set of tables in SQLite, with the same columns used for storing the records that compose an event or a task; the new tables should be used to store the deleted events and tasks
b. adding a "deleted" flag in the existing tables, in order to mark the deleted events and tasks
I still don't get what's wrong with the very familiar 'undo' function, provided that you can undo multiple steps (which should work, contrary to what comment 3 says)

Comment 6

11 years ago
Michiel, you don't always recognize immediately that you deleted an event/task erroneously.

Confirming valid enhancement request.
Ever confirmed: true
Hello, this is a message from the future. See this hot new extension:
This wont be part of core functionality, please use the extension if you must.
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