Can't add addresses to accept_these_nonmembers for test-multimedia list


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11 years ago
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11 years ago
If I try to add an address to the list of non-members who's posts will be automatically approved for mozilla.test.multimedia, I get an error message, saying "Bad email address for option accept_these_nonmembers". At first I thought it was the address I was trying to add, but then noticed that even if I don't change a thing, I still get the error.

Here's a screen clip:

At first I log into the support-firefox admin panel, and as you can see, there are no errors.
Then I log into the test-multimedia admin panel, and don't change a thing. Clicking on "Submit You Changes" still produces the error.
Then I actually try to add an address, and it still produces the error.

This was the first time I tried adding an address, after the mailman upgrade.
Looks to me like it's a problem with some of the currently added users. Try removing all the ones that have invalid e-mail addresses and see if that works. I bet there was some check added in Mailman that now requires all addresses in that option to be valid e-mail addresses.

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11 years ago
Thanks. That was it. There were a couple of addresses without valid FQDN (jetjock@hanger, phili@nohawkersnocirculars). I removed them, and LMO accepted that change.
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