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12 years ago
Buggy Mac instructions-see comments in Bug 370451 and Bug 370690.

Probably need to instruct the user to chmod +x the script.  I'm not sure if user's default shell setting matters.

In addition, this could help:
-by you</strong></p>
+by you; be sure it's a file writeable by you - e.g. <em>/tmp/M.log</em> works 
+(while <em>/var/log/M.log</em> doesn't work for normal users on MacOS, for example)

Comments desired before I make a patch.

Comment 1

12 years ago
Actually you do not need to create an executable file.  and use the sctipt above. All you need to do in open up the application Terminal and type the following directly into the shell the following commands.

If you upgraded your MAC from an earlier version of OSX you are probably still using tcsh. If you are using a newer MAC then you most likely are using bsh.  

(for tcsh / csh):

setenv NSPR_LOG_MODULES protocol:5
setenv NSPR_LOG_FILE /Users/(**name of user)/filename.log
/Applications/ &

If indeed their MAC is running bsh than the commands would be as follows
(for bsh):

export NSPR_LOG_MODULES protocol:5
export NSPR_LOG_FILE /Users/(**name of user)/filename.log
/Applications/ &

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Comment 2

12 years ago
I follow you.   

setenv/export NSPR_LOG_FILE ~/filename.log
should do the trick too; it's shorthand for /Users/(**name of user)/filename.log, but I better test it to make sure.

Also, I'll bet lchiang at hasn't been valid for years, so 
"If you have more to add to this page, please email me!" has got to go!
Maybe the "by Lisa Chiang" too.


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This page has been recently archived.  If there's a more current version of this document, I can set up a redirect.  If this page should be returned to a production site, I'm happy to help migrate it to the appropriate place.

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Closing as wontfix.  Please feel free to reopen if there's a need for a redirect or if the page should be migrated.
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