Inconsistent behaviour when deleting unread mail from POP inboxes



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With the message preview pane showing, if I delete a single unread mail message from a POP inbox folder using the delete key the message goes to my Deleted folder and gets marked as read. If I select multiple unread messages in my inbox folder then hit delete, the messages go to my deleted folder but do not get marked as read.
If the message preview pane is not showing, deleting unread messages never gets them marked as read.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.See the details
Actual Results:  
See the details.

Expected Results:  
I would expect deleting single and multiple messages to behave the same.
My preference is for the messages to be marked as read when deleting them, but to be consistent with how TB works without the preview pane showing, the messages should not get marked as read.
So, your steps to reproduce are:

1. With the preview pane showing, and the default behavior of marking messages as read immediately when they are displayed in the preview pane, select a message so that it is shown in the preview pane.
2. Press Delete.

If that's what you mean, why would you want consistency more than reality? In the single message case, it was displayed, however briefly; in the multiple message case they weren't. If you want to not mark messages only displayed for a couple of seconds as read, there's a pref in Advanced - General to do that.

If that's not what you mean, more precise steps would probably help.
Summary: Inconisitant behaviour when deleting unread mail from POP inboxes → Inconsistent behaviour when deleting unread mail from POP inboxes

Comment 2

12 years ago
if you weren't showing the preview pane, selecting a bunch of messages and deleting them would mark *none* of them read. Deleting and marking read are two separate actions for local messages.

Comment 3

12 years ago
I have TB set to mark as read after displaying the message for 5 seconds and not immediately.
1 - Selecting one message and deleting it within 5 seconds marks it as read.
2 - Selecting 2 messages and deleting them within 5 seconds does not mark either one as read.

From what Phil says in comment 2, when selecting 2 messages then deleting them, as one of them has been displayed, only the one displayed should be marked as read and the other not. Arguably on the other hand, as neither has been displayed for the 5 seconds neither should be marked as read and nor should selecting and deleting a single message within 5 seconds mark it as read.

Following on from Dave's comment, I confirm that without the preview pane neither single nor multiple messages get marked as read when they are deleted 
from a POP account's inbox (I do not use local folders here).

Personally I like the idea, which could be a preference, that any message deleted should be automatically marked as read even if that is an enhancement, I do not believe the current behaviour is consistent.
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Nick could you try if this issue is gone on latest TB 3.0.3?
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Comment 6

9 years ago
It is looking OK for me on 3.0.3. Having said that I am now only using IMAP accounts. When I made the report I was using POP3 accounts.
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