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AutoComplete returns invalid rows when more than one AutoCompleteSearch is used


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The AutoCompleteController returns incorrect cell text in cases where more than one nsIAutoCompleteSearch is used and RESULT_NOMATCH is returned.


Pretend that...
* two nsIAutoCompleteSearch sources have been registered
* a search has been completed
* the first search returned RESULT_NOMATCH
* the second search returned RESULT_SUCCESS with two results

The popup tree is being built, and this is the first call to RowIndexToSearch:

1373 nsAutoCompleteController::RowIndexToSearch(PRInt32 aRowIndex, PRInt32 *aSearchIndex, PRInt32 *aItemIndex)
1374 {
1375   *aSearchIndex = -1;
1376   *aItemIndex = -1;
1378   PRUint32 count;
1379   mSearches->Count(&count);
1380   PRUint32 index = 0;
1381   for (PRUint32 i = 0; i < count; ++i) {
1382     nsCOMPtr<nsIAutoCompleteResult> result;
1383     mResults->GetElementAt(i, getter_AddRefs(result));
1384     if (!result)
1385       continue;
1387     PRUint16 searchResult;
1388     result->GetSearchResult(&searchResult);
1390     PRUint32 rowCount = 1;
1391     if (searchResult == nsIAutoCompleteResult::RESULT_SUCCESS) {
1392       result->GetMatchCount(&rowCount);
1393     }
1395     if (index + rowCount-1 >= (PRUint32) aRowIndex) {
1396       *aSearchIndex = i;
1397       *aItemIndex = aRowIndex - index;
1398       return NS_OK;
1399     }
1401     index += rowCount;
1402   }
1404   return NS_OK;
1405 }

Since this is the first row, aRowIndex=0

On line 1390 rowCount is initialized to 1, but is never updated by result->GetMatchCount since the first search did not succeed.

Therefore in the if statement on 1395...

(index + rowCount-1 >= (PRUint32) aRowIndex) 
== ( 0 + 1 - 1 >= 0 ) 
== true

...causing an incorrect aSearchIndex and aItemIndex to be returned.

The visual result is a popup with two rows, the first row blank, and the second row showing the first result of the second search.

A fix is to initialize rowCount = 0, and then check rowCount != 0 in the if statement on 1395 (required as these are unsigned ints). 

I'll post a patch shortly.

Reproducible: Always
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Thanks for looking into this! I've been meaning to fix it ever since I tried to make search suggest use the right autocomplete APIs instead of the hack it currently uses.
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Product: Firefox → Toolkit
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Uhoh, what are the right autocomplete APIs?  I'm integrating the browser searchbar binding into Songbird at the moment.
Sorry, I was unclear. It's using the right APIs, but it's not using them properly. I meant "use the multiple search feature", instead of the current "use a single nsIAutoCompleteSearch (the one in nsSearchSuggestions.js) that forwards to another (the one for form history) to get additional results". nsSearchSuggestions.js has all the gory details.
Ah, that makes sense.  Thanks.

Who should I hassle for a review?
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Fix + Comments

Sorry for the delay in reviewing here.

I thought there were other problems with this code when it adds rows to failed searches for a status message, or something like that, but I can't seem to pinpoint it right now, and I assume you guys would have probably run into it if you're using the multiple search feature, so maybe I'm just remembering wrong.

This code needs a unit test - could you write one? You should be able to base it on an existing test, like .
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If this is ready for check-in, please mark it as [checkin needed] in the status whiteboard and someone will get it in.
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Thanks for the review.  Sure, I don't mind writing a test.

Testing the AutoCompleteController requires an AutoCompleteInput and AutoCompletePopup.  Should I stub these out and test with xpcshell, or use mochitest and an actual autocomplete textbox element?
Either works, as long as you can test that the fix doesn't regress. Do whatever you find easiest :)
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Fix + Unit Test

This is great work, thanks a lot for getting this done Matt! I can land this if you'd like.
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Thanks, that would be great.
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Checking in toolkit/components/autocomplete/tests/unit/test_378079.js;
initial revision: 1.1
Checking in toolkit/components/autocomplete/src/nsAutoCompleteController.cpp;
new revision: 1.59; previous revision: 1.58
Closed: 17 years ago
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