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12 years ago
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(Reporter: benjamin, Assigned: aravind)





12 years ago
Tamarin will have separate hg repositories from mozilla. We are going to do a one-time import of tamarin from CVS.

I have tested the following procedure, but please wait for Edwin Smith from Adobe to confirm before proceeding:

1) make the "tamarin-central" repository

$ hg init tamarin-central

2) export tamarin from the MOZILLA_1_9a4_REELASE CVS tag

$ cvs -d <insert appropriate cvsroot here> export -d tamarin-central -r MOZILLA_1_9a4_RELEASE mozilla/js/tamarin

3) commit the files to hg

$ cd tamarin-central
$ hg add
$ hg commit

Use the following commit message: Importing Tamarin source from Tag MOZILLA_1_9a4_RELEASE

4) At least the following people should have commit access to the repository:

5) There should be anonymous readonly access to the repository. Please let me know what the instructions are for this access (ssh or http), and I will publish appropriate documentation on

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12 years ago
Oh, please add to the access list (he's the owner, we wouldn't want to forget him!)


12 years ago
Assignee: server-ops → aravind

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12 years ago
Should I go ahead and create this?  Does this have any dependencies on the cvs-trunk-mirror stuff that we are working on?

If this is just an independent repo, I can go ahead and create it.
From recent emails from Edwin Smith at Adobe it seems like they're doing all this work for us. I.e. once they're done they'll give us a drop of a mercurial repo that we can simply host for them. Stay tuned.

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12 years ago
(In reply to comment #3)

> Stay tuned.

We've got 3 mercurial depos basically ready to go, just final checking.  
(-central, -FlashPlayer9_DotReleases, and -FlashPlayer).

Whats the easiest way for me to get them to you?  I'll start with just
tamarin-central.hg which is 2.8M.

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12 years ago
If you can you make those accessible publicly, I can simply clone off the net.  If not, can you make a compressed tar file that I can fetch and clone off locally?

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12 years ago
I could upload the repo if you have an FTP server but everything I can access is beind adobe's firewall.

I think the easiest thing might be for you to create an empty tamarin-central (hg init only) and host it, then I can push all the changes using the normal SSH procedures.  and that would give us a good excuse to exersize all the plumbing.

whaddya think?


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12 years ago
sounds good. is ready and you should be able to push to it using your mozilla/LDAP account (  Let me know if you can't.

For now its accessible only on ssh, once you guys are okay with it I will expose it on http.

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12 years ago
I was able to push, and pull.  LMK if you see anything obviously wrong with the contents, I'll circulate announcements to my team to try their SSH access, and we can go from there.

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12 years ago
Can this bug be resolved now?  The original bug did not mention anything about the other two repos (tamarin-FlashPlayer9_DotReleases, and tamarin-FlashPlayer)

Should I go ahead and create these as well?  or are we not hosting them on mozilla servers?
We can host 'em. In CVS land, they were branches. If repos are the way to go, no problem. Were named branches considered? Perhaps that requires too new a version of hg.


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12 years ago
This bug is fixed. I do not want to go with named branches at this time... we should be using separate repos for long-term branching. Edwin, if you want those additional repos, can you file a new bug?
Last Resolved: 12 years ago
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