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Give content policies information about user initiated action


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It would be great if contentpolicy implementations got information on if the load was initiated by a user or not. One use for this is to block external protocol handlers for page loads if the load was not initiated by the user.

We should be able to reuse the popup blocking code for this.
We'd need to expose the current popup blocking state on some service, then (which I think we should do).  Some of the content policy checks are done from JS, which can't get at the popup blocking state.

That would incidentally allow embeddors access to the popup blocking state too, which I think is a good idea.
Necko doesn't do content policy stuff.
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Do we still need to fix this bug?  Should we close it?
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> Chris,
> Do we still need to fix this bug?  Should we close it?

In theory that still sounds interesting to me, but I guess it has to go in the backlog.
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