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Setup webstats for Mozilla Europe


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With Mozilla Europe website being migrated to the common Mozilla infrastructure, this gives us the oportunity to install some tracker script on the website (could be Urchin or any other system) for marketing use.

Currently on Mozilla Europe we only use awstats per lack of human and server resources and we use it to look at the general trends like monthly visits/traffic, 404 pages, popular pages and refferals rankings.

If the marketing team is interested in helping us with it, we would like some more precise statistics generated so as to better track how our locales are doing, where our users are coming from and the download rates, there are probably data that the marketing team would also like to gather so as to add it to and mozilla-japan data and get a better global picture of the mozilla state of things.
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Are we going to wait until this moves to our infrastructure?  
the existence of webstats should not delay the migration.
Right, but I was wondering if we should delay the webstats until the migration.
yes, there is no emergency, unless others have objections, we can talk about the webstats after the migration.
Whiteboard: Waiting for mozilla-europe to migrate to MPT
Whiteboard: Waiting for mozilla-europe to migrate to MPT → Waiting for mozilla-europe to migrate to our infrastructure
Jeremy, now that the migration is done, can we start working on this? We have an intern specialized in statistical analysis coming in August/September at Mozilla Europe and we would love to get him working on analysing our traffic. Furthermore we no longer have awstats so even for basic stuff like detecting 404 links, we are a bit stuck.

Wil, would you please add the utm scripts.
script+image is pushed to production.  I used "auto" for the domain, since we've got and using the same pages.  If that doesn't work, we'll have to figure something else out I guess...

Anyway, coding side of this is done for now - back to you oremj.  Thanks.
Web stats are being generated.  Urchin is running at

I have set up an account for Pascal, but there will probably be some other urchin user accounts that need to be set up.  

Please open up bugs for people who will need access to these statistics.
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Awesome, thanks jeremy :)
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Would it be useful to split the stats for mozilla-europe and mozilla-world?  

I asked Jeremy to do it, but on second thought, maybe it wouldn't be helpful, and I'd rather not create extra work. :)  So, if no one replies here that it would be useful, we can skip it as far as I'm concerned.
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