After installing Firefox all folders in my Bookmarks imported from IE7 (Favorites) are empty.




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I downloaded and installed Firefox 3 days ago and only today needed to refer to my Bookmarks folders to search for info I needed. Shock horror as opened folder after folder to find them...gasp, empty. I thought no problem, go to my "Favorites" directory under my profile and recover them. Again shock, horror, the folders were there under my IE7 Favorites directory, but they were also empty. How do I recover  my bookmarked folder links? 

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Please see for info how to recover your bookmarks.

Do you mean with installed Firefox 3 - Firefox or a nightly build ?

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11 years ago
I mean full installation of Firefox three days ago, after placing my initial report today I tried the suggestion from the help pages relating to my specific situation/issue to uninstall and re-install Firefox. Have just completed the re-install and still there only empty folders in my Bookmarks...I am fairly peed off as this was one of my concerns before deciding to initially install Firefox. On the FAQ page promoting Firefox's easy/safe migration process from IE7 to Firefox, these where the words that put my mind at ease. 

"About Your IE Favorites and Settings
When you first install Firefox, it will import your existing
  Internet Explorer settings, including your Favorites, cookies, stored
  passwords, and a variety of other data.  This saves you time customizing
  Firefox to fit your needs."
.....Maybe the Firefox promoters should have added..."OR NOT"

I have subsequently lost really important and comprehensive links information. What use is with the automatic backup of the Bookmarks content anyway? That seems to be a redundant feature which wipes whatever was left in the IE7 "Favorites folder” effectively stopping any chance of manually recovering the links.

I can only warn future Firefox converts to make sure they backup all their personal local profile settings and IE Favorites, as in my case anyway, converting to Firefox has caused the loss of all my links.

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10 years ago
I have [Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20071008 Firefox/] and after it updated a few days ago many things malfunctioned.  Half my Bookmarks were gone.  Also home page was changed.  Thought it was a virus but full disk scan was negative on latest virus definitions.  I am considering not allowing any further updates of Firefox.  That is one solution.  After all:  If it works, why fix it?  Good Luck.  For those with similar concern re bookmarks being lost, export your Firefox bookmarks, remember to keep your copy elsewhere,  as a way of backing them up.
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