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Given the recent moves on the Linux platform work, and a growing need to coordinate more involvement from the distros and the community, I'd like to create a linux newsgroup/mailing list.  We could mix various bits and pieces across a bunch of lists, but for once more segmenting makes sense to me.
We used to have a bunch of OS-specific groups, but they (rightly) got killed in the reorg due to lack of use. I have no problem resurrecting them on a case-by-case basis if needed.

We currently have* for OS-specific groups. There's one for OS/2 and one for BeOS. So I'd tentatively suggest

While it sounds a little odd to call Linux a "port" due to the fact that it's one of our three core platforms, I don't think it's necessarily a good idea to encode the difference between tier 1 and tier 2 or lower platforms into our newsgroup structure.

In hindsight,* would have been a better name for that subtree. Ah, well.

mconnor: would you be OK with


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I think is really forcing it into a bad place to fit a (hindsight being 20/20) flawed hierarchy, and I have zero issues with separating tier 1 platforms from tier 2 platforms at this point.
My concern would be more if platforms ever moved from being tier 1 to tier 2 or vice versa, and we ended up with the newsgroup hierarchy not reflecting the tiers - which would be confusing and inconsistent.

Ah, well. I'm toying with the idea of trying to persuade you to accept (with the idea that, if and when needed, we could have a and platforms.mac). But if you don't think that'll fly either, then I'll grumpily go with :-)


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10 years ago works for me.  I'd probably argue for moving ports.* to platforms.* in future but I don't know the pain involved there.
OK. it is.

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> OK. it is.

Great.  Is there an ETA then?  This is of critical importance now that the 1.5 branch is no longer supported by Mozilla.  Distros need to make sure we get the right fixes into the 1.5 branches we maintain still, and this would also go a long way to our efforts for moving things forward for 3.0 and beyond.
Mailing list has been created, and moderator information mailed to mconnor.  The list is currently hidden from the listinfo page, and will be made visible as soon as the newsgroup appears on

newgroup request has been submitted to Giganews and Google.
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Wow, Google's first this time. :)

done.  Our admin also noted that this list:

Seems out of date, or at least doesn't match our list at all.

It may be a couple hours before the groups are on the website.
Whiteboard: waiting on Giganews/Google → waiting on Giganews
From Giganews:

These have been added to our servers, they should start appearing over the next hour.

The groups have indeed appeared on the server.  The list information page link has been unhidden from
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