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Client pull script to combine repos for mozilla2 (


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We're going to have to stitch some repositories together for mozilla2. I've written a script ( that will do this. Currently I've tested on Linux. This patch also removes checkout support from which is totally non-useful.
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It'd be nice if you could make a module with a default action a'la 

if __name__ == '__main__':

That way, the intelligence inside wouldn't be boxed in, and one could call into it from other python code, say, buildbot.
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>diff -r 6100d773079a
>+# To build a tree,
> #    1. cvs co mozilla/

That's not actually correct now, is it?

> # Print out any options loaded from mozconfig.
> all build checkout clean depend distclean export libs install realclean::

You missed a 'checkout' here.

>diff -r 6100d773079a
>+NSPR_dirs = ('nsprpub',)
>+NSS_dirs  = ('dbm',
>+             'security/nss',
>+             'security/coreconf',
>+             'security/dbm')

Any reason these aren't all caps?

The only other comment I have is that this takes away the ability to do |make -f| and wind up with a fresh trunk build.  I think it'd be useful to just be able to run one command that updates your source and does a build.  I'm ok if it doesn't handle an initial checkout, to simplify things, but update/build would be really useful.

r=me on the rest.
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Fixed the caps issue and the nits. I didn't add back a "checkout" target which forwards to, but I will file followup on it. Pushed to mozilla-central

Axel, if you'd like to make this a module, feel free to do so: I can't quite see what module API you'd want to expose, so I didn't worry about it.
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