generated page: unexpected save page file; Reload is changing MIME type; cairo 1.4.2: mop4 file




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frame A is calling a function from frame B to create a page with text/plain.
'new page' and 'view source' looking normally; view page info: address of frame B 
'save page' is saving the code of frame B (which has extension .xml)
Reload page: loading of the plain text as HTML code
'save page' now: mostly saving this generated HTML code (extension .xml.html)
Reloading of the page (source?) while the source file is open may give:
   Security Error: Content at wyciwyg://42/file:///own/frage/called.xml may not load or link to file:///own/frage/called.xml.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. expand f.tar.gz file
2. start frame.html
3. press "write window"
Actual Results:  
unexpected result of saving a page, unexpected changing of MIME type, saving of view page info file without success

In the same situation it is sometimes differing, which file is given to save.
- view page source: a file 'index' (no extension) may be shown, then no file is saved
  or, in the 'same' situation, a file, say nn.xml.html is shown (text, maybe converted to HTML)

save page:
- If a source file (say nn.xml) is shown, it is saved (containing an unexpected, but maybe intended source)
- If a file nn.xml.html is shown, the plain text converted to a HTML representation is saved

Expected Results:  
1) saving the code of the page, (at least the code of the frame A, but this would be of no usability), and not the code of an intermediately frame
2) after reload: getting text with the original MIME type (at least getting the source shown by view page info, which would be also of no use)
3) no file mop4 in the home directory (maybe some entry in a .-file)

one remark in the full message text is perhaps dedicated to a duplicate of error 358653

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Created attachment 265797 [details]
sources to reproduce the situation

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Created attachment 265798 [details]
same as before, old files deleted
Version: unspecified → 3.0 Branch
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