[client] When building XUL versions of SeaMonkey use -register not regxpcom



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The fix.

We've recently switched SeaMonkey to be an xul app on trunk (use toolkit) - its still xpfe on branches.

We've discovered that the tinderboxes are still calling regxpcom and not ./seamonkey -register when doing the initial setup, we suspect this may have caused a Ts regression, but in either case it is wrong to call regxpcom on an xul app and we need to fix it.

This patch adds SeaMonkey to the appropriate if statement in the same way as other places in that script - note that xpfe builds have a blank vendor name which is why it works.

I'd like to get it in soon so we can see if this does fix Ts or not.
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The fix.

$profile_product_name does not work there (as perl -c even states), you need to use $Settings::ProductName directly there.
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The fix v2

Correction based on Robert's comment, I actually decided binary name woud be best to use here.
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I've just checked this in. Hopefully tinderboxes will pick it up soon.
Patch checked in, Linux has picked this up ok. Fixed.
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