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11 years ago
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11 years ago
A nice enhancement might be to do the following:

If Growl is not found and "no thanks" pref is not set to true, prompt the user about possibly installing with a link to the Growl site.  3 buttons "Get Growl", "Remind Me Later", "No Thanks".

Get Growl -> Goes to Growl site, user installs, never sees it again.
Remind Me Later -> closes prompt, happens again next restart
No Thanks -> sets pref, never shows again.

This might be helpful for more casual users who would like the feature, but have never heard of/installed Growl.

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11 years ago
Should add: I believe Adium does this.
Adium uses the framework, which does this automatically for you.
This feature already exists in Growl. Growl-WithInstaller.framework. Normally it's pretty simple to link against, but we aren't cool with frameworks for whatever reason, so that's out.

A more workable solution (for a couple other reasons) is to add support to the Growl framework for displaying simple notifications right from your app, if Growl isn't installed. If someone *does* have Growl installed, all the nice display styles and customization features will still work, but we'll still be able to guarantee notifications show up, which is something fairly important IMO.

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11 years ago
The problem with frameworks IIRC is licensing must match.  Hence my reasoning that since nsIAlertService will fail on Mac is Growl is not installed, FF/TB should notify.

Granted there should be a backup solution.  We should make it easy to get the best possible experience, hence my suggestion.
Why would the licensing have to match?  It's the same license as the code we already ship, so there's no issue there...
Not a shell integration bug. If this is still an issue a better component would be toolkit -> startup and profile system. No activity in a long time so resolving incomplete.
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