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add generic substitution strings for chatzilla


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as i stated in a previous enhancement request, i have rolled out chatzilla (with firefox) to several development and test groups in my company and it's working out very well for us.  today, i came across a chatzilla feature that is very valuable to us (got a lot of "wow!!!") and i would like to request an enhancement.  it's the "Bugzilla URL" string.  i realized i could substitute this string with our microsoft team foundation server's bug tracking url and now we have ChatZilla integrated with TFS and can view our bugs by just typing "bug 1234".  because of this, chatzilla is now even more useful and valuable.  many kudo's to those who thought of and implemented this.  

i would like to propose an enhancement.  why not make this more generic?  i would like have a substitution preference tab where there are rows of three controls.  the first edit control takes a word for the key.  the second control let's you select "numbers only" or "word" which is used for the substitution type.  the third edit control let's you input a url.  the "Bugzilla URL" would be the equivalent of "bug" in the first control, "numbers only" in the second control, and the actual bugzilla url with the %s in the third control.

this would be so useful because we could then integrate with more websites and internal web services.   any features that would help turn ChatZilla into a modern collaboration tool is going to be a big win.



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I think this is plugin stuff, to be honest. I doubt a reasonable amount of ChatZilla users will have a need for it.
Still agree with myself, but valid request -> CONFIRM.
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Didn't we WONTFIX the bug about mIRC-esqe remotes? This seems to be the same sort of thing, plugin-like advanced functionality with a user friendly UI.

However, as many users still seem to manage to put the wrong things in the boxes we already have, i'd say this should remain the domain of plugins and propose a WONTFIX.

Bryan: if you stop by the ChatZilla support channel, irc://moznet/chatzilla there should be someone around who can explain how to define your own highly customisable munger patterns with only a smattering of JavaScript knowledge :)

As a general feature, I wonder if it might be reasonable to add some sort of generic micro-plugin functionality; like a client-level autoperform that only accepts eval commands?
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