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remove p3p hooks from cookies


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followup to bug 366611 - now that the p3p backend has been removed, we should probably go ahead and remove the hooks to it in cookie code. this does negate the possibility of an extension implementing p3p, but it's highly unlikely that anyone would do so, given that p3p hasn't been built in firefox for a long time now and no one's stepped up.
Well, I guess if anyone ever wants to add p3p back they can always check CVS. I know Neil has some JS code that implements (parts of?) p3p. I wonder if SeaMonkey and/or Firefox could make p3p more used, and more useful to their users? Maybe through a better UI? I kinda like what does. See e.g.
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the privacyfinder stuff is pretty neat... i do like the interpretation it gives for each site's policy. overall, i'm not averse to p3p being added back at some point, provided that it's accompanied by strong ownership. i also don't like the fundamental trust it puts in the website that the privacy policy they supply is actually true; it seems to me that it's fine for sites you already trust, but for sites you don't it doesn't help. i'm more in favor of having sensible controls for these cases (e.g. using permissionmanager to designate sites you trust; using downgrade-to-session controls; limiting cookie lifetime such as seamonkey allows; and rejecting foreign cookies). i think these reasons, as well as the complexity of the current ui, is why firefox dropped p3p from the build; if something with better usability came along, it's possible firefox could help with adoption.

in the meantime, as you say - all the code will be in cvs if anyone wants to reinstate it, so i think the best approach is to clean it all up so we don't have leftover pieces lying around.
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