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AMO size of preview images


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The images seen through "See all preview images" on are much too small to be able to read anything or to demonstrate the usage or actual data that might be displayed.

Problem with any picture depicting an area larger than 2 x 3 inches.

Whatever is shown should be readable.  

Reproducible: Always

Did you try clicking on them? Then a bigger version will usually open. (This is the case with link no. 3 you provided)

If the "bigger" image doesn't turn out to be bigger than the thumbnail you see on the page (that's the case with your first link), then this is an issue of the individual add-on, where the author decided not to provide a sufficiently large image. In that case please contact the author and ask them to provide a bigger image.

Does that answer your question?
There are image size constraints, however they provide for a fairly large image to be uploaded. If you need to be able to read the text to see what an extension does and you cannot from the screenshot, the add-on author should take a better screenshot.
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What happened to the readable screenshots that used to exist.

The enlarged images are smaller from what I remember from before the Remora makeover.  Of course I can't actually specifically compare anything to what is now gone, so it is an opinion and a perception, but I don't find much help in the small blurry enlargements.

Hitting the back button on mouse is no longer possible from the large image so reviewing time is further delayed.  It also takes longer to view a previously viewed enlarged image. 

When the experience gets worse, every bit of the addons change becomes an anchor weight and usability issue.

For larger preview from the image link want either to see only the enlarged image or all of the enlarged images without the annoyance of space robbing banner, margins, sidebar, and images floating over a grayed page. 

Seems to me that imagesizes have been reduced beyond recognition, when imagesize is becoming negliable with high speed servers and high speed access.
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