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This is meant broadly to refer to difficulties I find with Thunderbird and compaction of my IMAP folders. I use T with two different IMAP servers, each with several folders, some folders over 10,000 messages. I have T configured to clean up both servers on exit.

When I exit I am typically about to shut down immediately, but often I find that anything I've recently deleted reappears the next time I connect, or read emails are displayed as unread. I noticed in the Task Manager that T does not exit promptly, but can actually run for nearly a minute before exiting. My assumption, possibly bad, is that it is compacting. But it leaves up no windows to tell me that it is compacting, and it does not delay system shutdown. I am guessing that this explains my problems.

My suggestion would be to put up a window upon exiting T showing the status of compaction and providing a cancel button. This would allow me to delay system shutdown until it is safe.

Also, if I select "Compact this folder", a message appears in the lower status area telling me that it is compacting, but the message does not disappear ever, so I don't know when it completes. The spinny wheel bug in the upper right is not activated either. This leaves me unclear as to what is happening.

Finally it might be nice to have a summary of compaction needs so that I can disable "expunge on exit" and just do it when it is needful and I can spare the time.

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11 years ago
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11 years ago
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Summary: IMAP folder compaction needs superior user feedback / superior UI → on exit, show compaction status and provide a cancel button

Comment 1

9 years ago
Is there a better solution/idea?  Summary description I don't think has an existing bug.  xref bug 401295 Use new shutdown service to empty trash, expunge inbox, compact folders on shutdown 

Ethan, you list 4-5 items, some of which have existing bugs. Those that do not you should file different bugs for.
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In general keeping Thunderbird or another window open that the user has to wait for doesn't sound like a good idea.  If we are going to support this we'll likely need to have a progress meter dialog that remains open to let users know Thunderbird isn't done yet.  Also we should investigate systems that make the shutdown compact very quick, like compact on idle in concert with the compact on shutdown.  Anything we can do to limit the amount of time required for shutdown operations.

Also, some of these things seem like bugs.  I imagine this gets hairy to implement, but if Thunderbird didn't complete it's operations it should probably try again when it comes back online.

In ref to bug 401295: Shutdown services in general are a bad concept for users, essentially we've opened ourselves up to "perform an operation (or many operations) of unknown length on shutdown" so speed of operations is going to provide the most benefit to the user.  But it's not nice to keep our users waiting for us to do things we could have figured out a way to do at other times.

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7 years ago
Indeed, the general issue of compaction is better handled by things like Bug 439089 - Better Faster IMAP: Auto compact on idle time with better threshold - or alternatives to mbox storage.
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7 years ago
(I hadn't finished)

bienvenu, your thoughts ...

I suspect Ethan isn't around any more - but there is an unanswered question I think, which is, "Is this shutdown problem about expunge, or compact?" 

I don't think it's about compact.
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3 years ago
WONTFIX, based on reasoning of comment 2
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