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ChatZilla test framework


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It's been mentioned a few times recently, and I've been pondering it a lot over the last few months: we need something to test at least some of the code automatically.

There are a lot of fun things to handle:
 - Simple, mostly-standalone items (e.g. munger).
 - Back-end library objects with minimal interaction (e.g. handling onJoin).
 - Front-end interactions (e.g. correct tabs being created).

We probably want to have multiple "frameworks" to test cover the whole, and I don't know if any of the existing in-tree frameworks will be any use here. (Once we've moved to a service, as part of the multi-window work, xpcshell is a real possibility for this.)

I want to start work on something proper after the next release (0.9.79), for at least one part of this.
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