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Disable libxul for debug builds


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Per the conversation at the 1.9 meeting a week ago
Benjamin, can you please put a patch together for this?  I've looked over but don't see what needs to be done.
This is low-priority for me right now, especially given the easy workaround of specifying --disable-libxul. Meta-flags are really hard to get right.
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This is pretty much the simplest fix possible.
Assignee: benjamin → ted.mielczarek
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trivial fix

I'm pretty sure this doesn't work right for the case where you want debug+libxul. You at least need to move this check above the --enable-libxul check (so that it operates on the default value and not the commandline-specified value).
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This puts that check right before the enable-libxul check, so it should only override the default value.
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as suggested

Please test, but this looks ok.
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Sorry, just got around to testing this, it WFM.  Checked in.
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So this is why my XULRunner debug build started crashing all the time...

It would have been nice to have a check for XULRunner debug builds without libxul.
(In reply to comment #8)

XULRunner without libxul is a perfectly valid configuration. Trying to relink libxul every time you make a small change in C++ really blows.

You just need to set some env variables (PATH or LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to point to the xulrunner directory, iirc) so that your linker can find everything.
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