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Filters stopped working


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Windows XP
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20070622 trunk.

Message filters no longer work. Last entry in the filter log is for yesterday (20070621 trunk).
Woops ...

20070621 trunk doesn't work, 20070620 did.
I'd say that's bug 379070 comment 218
Depends on: 379070
yes, Scott and I figured out why it's broken, and he's going to look at fixing it this morning.
Assignee: nobody → mscott
Is the root cause the same reason that the tray notification doesn't go away after you read your messages (before I file that)?
I'm not seeing that myself, so I can't say.
this backs out the FindInReadable removal for case insensitive unicode string compares. The good news is that frozen linkage does have a .Find method that supports this, so I wrote the frozen linkage code and put in comments to make it easier to change when I land frozen linkage support.
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FYI, this fixes the filter problem. It should have no effect on the tray notification which is working for me.
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Closed: 17 years ago
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VERIFIED with Thunderbird version 3.0a1pre (20070623) on Win-XP SP2.
  Mail header : From: First Last <aaa@xxx.yyy.zzz>
                                       (6/21 build)  (6/23 build)
  "if from contains aaa@xxx.yyy.zzz"    negative      positive
  "if from contains xxx"                positive      positive
I didn't want to create a new bug but the title fits.

Today after about 140 filters, I found 4 emails that should have been filtered and sent out of the inbox into the required mailbox/folder did not happen.  Not knowing if the filter was previously created I when on to Create Filter From Message... route and when I specified the name I was told that the filter already exists, and it did.  If so then why did it not filter the message out of the inbox?  Nevertheless I added a 2 to the filter name and saved it.

I checked the previous filter and found it to be exact to the new one I just created.  The filter itself is pretty simple:

- Match any of the following
- From > is >
- Move message to > FolderName

What happened?  Please advise.
Forgot to mention that I am using TB version (20070728)

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