leaksoup trace-malloc reader shouldn't use NS_QuickSort

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12 years ago
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The leaksoup trace-malloc reader uses NS_QuickSort to sort lists by numbers that it assigned to nodes in order (of various graph traversals).  It should instead allocate an array for both of these sorts and fill in the array as it assigns the numbers.
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    * line 44 -- #include "nsQuickSort.h"
    * line 244 -- NS_QuickSort(sorted_nodes, count, sizeof(AllocationNode*),
    * line 319 -- NS_QuickSort(sorted_nodes, count, sizeof(AllocationNode*),

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6 years ago
Hello, my friend and I would like to help out Mozilla, and we believe this is a good bug for us to start with. Is this bug still open? And if so, what are the first steps we should to get started.
I didn't mark this as [good first bug], and I don't think it is; I think good first bugs are much more likely to be ones where the purpoe of fixing the bug is more apparent (unlike, say, fixing a performance problem in a memory leak debugging tool used by only a few developers).
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