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Add additional performance test suites to talos


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Besides Tp/Ts/memory we need to augment our testing infrastructure with tests that stress different parts of the browser.   Such as:

We can look into borrowing some of these or creating our own new synthetic benchmarks.  Ideally we'd develop a set of tests which each individually stress a particular part of the system so we can better understand the cause of improvements or regressions in the bigger benchmarks.
Some more sources of benchmarks:,1697,2152778,00.asp

Interesting technique to test actual page render time (by capturing video):

Some synthetic JS benchmarks.  Try/Catch benchmark is questionable but the math, DOM, Array, and String functions look reasonable:
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Found during triage. 

Alice: are there some specific test suites here that we should add to Talos?
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Summary: Add additional performance tests to talos → Add additional performance test suites to talos
Other than those mentioned in the first and second comments - so you'd have to sort through those list and see if there is anything in there that is worth while.  I might consider this all to be too vague, so I could see closing this as INCOMPLETE and recommending filing individual bugs to request specific new tests.
Same as comment #3, but now I'm really going to close as INCOMPLETE.
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Moving closed Future bugs into Release Engineering in preparation for removing the Future component.
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