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Add a text panel to the top of the test run page



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Picture describing the area I propose to use for this text

Spoke with Zach on IRC about this idea.  It seems like it would be a good idea to add a header of text information to display at the top of a test run when running a test subgroup.  The text would be an attribute on the subgroup and would sit at the top of the "test run" page (screen shot of current test run page attached).

This area could be used for several things such as:
* general instructions concerning this set of tests
* general prerequisites for the following tests of this subgroup
* things you should be familiar with in order to run the following tests

I don't think that every test subgroup would make use of this feature, but subgroups with more complicated tests that test more complicated features could make use of it. 

Tomcat and I were discussing the fact that something like this might make firebug testcases (not yet developed) more accessible to a general audience of testers.  

I have attached a picture, and the area circled in red is the "header" area where I think this information would best be presented.  Feel free to override that as you create a solution though.
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maybe we could use this too

yes, i vote for this. Maybe we could also use something like this yellow overlay, if we need some special attention, like web development knowledge when testing specific firebug testcases or so
This amounts to adding a description field to testgroups and subgroups.
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