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10 years ago
Window and I would like to see some stronger language integrated into the major update text box that appears when users are offered to upgrade from Fx 1.5 -> Fx 2004/2005.

Here is the current user flow -

The content of the text box itself is hosted on the website. (At for english)

Here is the current translated text:

What we'd like to do is communicate a few messages:
- User, you really want to take this update since 1.5 is no longer supported, no more updates or security fixes
- User, you are now potentially exposed to security issues if you continue using 1.5
- User, it's really in your best interest to upgrade to Firefox 2 (not just for it's great new features) but because you are horked (Window's bon mot) if you continue to remain on 1.5
Once you have the text you want in hand, I can go ahead and update the en-US text while Pascal coordinates updating the localized versions.
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Hardware: PC → All

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10 years ago
Excellent Reed, we are awaiting for John Slater to return from his leave which should be early next week.
Duplicate of this bug: 388593


10 years ago
Depends on: 388586

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10 years ago
Hi all. I spoke with Basil yesterday about updating the text on this suggestions are below. In addition to some new text, I'm also recommending that we make some layout changes to the current promo to incorporate a more attention-grabbing headline. Please take a look and let me know your thoughts - all feedback is welcome!

Firefox Security Alert

For security reasons, we strongly recommend that you download the latest version of Firefox. Your current version is no longer being supported, meaning your computer will potentially be exposed to various threats if you continue using it.

To maximize your online security - and to enjoy the numerous other enhancements included in Firefox 2 - just click 'Get the new version' below.

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10 years ago
I'm happy with this language, so it's a go from me.

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10 years ago

Are you OK with this "strong language"?
This text is significantly longer than the previous one and I believe we had size constraints withthe XUL box containing the text, enlarging the box may be necessary to not have scrollbars.

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10 years ago
We'd like to re-use some of this stronger wording in the major updating offering for Thunderbird users to

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10 years ago
(In reply to comment #7)
> This text is significantly longer than the previous one and I believe we had
> size constraints withthe XUL box containing the text, enlarging the box may be
> necessary to not have scrollbars.

I don't think you can change the xul constraints of this box with out rolling out a new version of first though. It might be best to use text that fits to the current box size constraints. I'll try to poke around at the size issue.

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10 years ago
Hi all. Steven has taken the text I suggested above and mocked it up in the pop-up window. Take a look and let me know if it's ready to be pushed live:
username: mozilla
password: mozpass

I know Pascal had some concerns about the length...the English version fits fine, but I'm not sure what it will look like in other languages.
That is a very clever iframe based mockup. 

I don't think it will be an issue, but have you tested Mac as well?  the update window on mac is slightly wider (36em vs 39em), but I believe the font on mac is also bigger.

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10 years ago
From my perspective, this looks great and feels urgent enough.
Created attachment 274634 [details]
mac looks good, too

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10 years ago
Hey folks - we inadvertently published the username/password for Silverorange's staging server. If you need access to the mockup, let me know at pkim -at- mozilla -dot- com and I'll send you the new login info.
Committed and tagged for production in r5356.

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10 years ago
Thanks Steven. I'm going to open a new bug to sync the site, and will close this one out once the site has been updated.


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