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When I start Firefox offline it's supposed to offer dial-in connections like
IE6, but what I get is a 623 error "invalid phone book entry" (or similar)
offering no help. There are quite a lot of bug reports about this issue, some
of them five years old, but nothing conclusive - obviously the problem wasn't
fixed so far. One was only marked as WONTFIX claiming that there are simple
workarounds like starting a dial-in connection before Firefox, most others
were markked as DUPE claiming that it's a Microsoft problem.

But I guess that's not how this is supposed to work. Here's what I've done:

1 - Working W2K with IE6, several dial-in connections, one of them configured
    as "standard connection".  Starting IE6 it proposed to use this connection,   
    but still offered to pick one of the other service providers.
2 - Installed Firefox copying anything it can copy from IE6, it works
    as expected if started online. When I tried to start it offline it proposed
    to use the standard dial-in connection, but without offering a choice to
    use another connection. As it happens my old standard connection was the
    most reliable service provider, not the cheapest.
3 - Looking for a workaround I decided to delete this connection and to pick no
    standard connection at all. But I still kept the choice "always use the
    standard connection", it just didn't exist. IE6 then apparently proposes
    to use the last configured connection, and still offers to pick another
    connection. Same behaviour as before (see 1) from my POV.
4 - Back to Firefox I checked what it does now when started offline, and it
    ran into the ugly "error 623" condition.

What I think Firefox did is to note the (then existing) standard connection
when it was installed. After that it failed to offer any of the other dial-in
connections, it only allowed to use the noted connection or "give up" (i.e.
dial-in "manually" via start -> ... -> network -> ...).

My attempt to fix this misbehaviour by deleting the standard connection made 
it worse, apparently Firefox still has a pointer to the old connection. Just
importing anything from IE6 again didn't help. If those speculations make
sense - where can I fix the broken pointer to a not more existing connection?

And how can I get the desired behaviour "just behave like IE6 and offer all
configured connections for dial-in"?

Reproducible: Didn't try

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Install Firefox while a "standard connection" exists, with IE6 setting
   "always use standard connection".
2. Delete this connection resulting in "standard connection: none", keeping
   the IE6 setting "always use standard connection".
3. Start Firefox without Internet connection.

Actual Results:  
Error 623 "invalid phonebook entry" (or similar, I didn't note the German error

Expected Results:  
It should offer help to fix whatever is wrong after deleting a connection, and
it should offer to use one of the existing connections (not only the "standard
connection", existing or otherwise). 

I can't tell which of the many bug reports related to "error 623" matches my
Component: Shell Integration → Networking
Product: Firefox → Core
QA Contact: shell.integration → networking
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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