Firefox won't start after failed extension upload / requires re-install of Firefox.




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This has happened to me twice. I have opened a Firefox session and been told
that there is an update available for NoScript and do I wish to install it?
On both occasions, I had not yet established the internet connection (I use Sprint wireless EVDO service). When I clicked on the install button and it was unable to download (again, no connection yet), it informed me that installation was unsuccessful and asked if I wished to proceed to open Firefox? The first time this happened, I clicked on the continue button. Not only did Firefox not open, but on all subsequent attempts to open it (even after rebooting the computer) I would get a popup saying Firefox has to shut down due to an error. I was only able to regain use of Firefox by reinstalling it (using another browser to download the setup program). Luckily, the re-installation kept my settings
and add-ons. The second time it happened (exactly the same circumstance),
instead of clicking on the "Continue" button to open Firefox, I just hit
the "X" (Close) button on the popup, but the end result was the same and again
I had to reinstall Firefox from scratch. This problem does not occur when I remember to open the internet connection prior to opening Firefox (and of course never happens regardless of which is opened first if there are no updates awaiting download).

Reproducible: Didn't try

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Can't reproduce unless there is an extension update (in this case, NoScript) dialog waiting when I first open Firefox.

It would be nice if the extension update manager either:

1.) Politely informed me to connect to the internet with something like, "Hey, turn on your phone, Dummy!" and waited before proceeding or 

2.) put off the update until the next start up and just turned on the browser safely without mangling the program and necessitating my re-installing Firefox.


11 years ago
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
Are you still able to reproduce this with Firefox 3?
No response in two weeks, closing as incomplete.
Last Resolved: 11 years ago
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