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Changing within onblur breaks onclick event


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I have three HTML elements: an <input type="text"> with an onblur handler, a <div> with an onclick handler, and an element whose display type I want to toggle using CSS.

With the input box selected I click the div.  I should see the input's onblur followed by the div's onclick.  Firefox lose the onclick event if the onblur handler modifies

Reproduced on FF 2 and latest FF 3 nightly with a clean profile.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Visit and download the content.  Save it to a local HTML file.
2. Open the file.
3. Blur the text box a few times and convince yourself that the onblur handler both toggles a <div>'s visibility and writes a debug message.
4. Click the "Click me" section a few times to convince yourself that the onclick handler writes a message when it fires.
5. Reload the page to clear the debug messages.
6. Focus on the input box.
7. Click on "Click me" to cause an onblur followed by an onclick.
Actual Results:  
Actual results are that the onblur fires (the content appears/disappears) but no onclick event fires afterwards.

Expected Results:  
Expect that both the blurred and clicked debug messages appear.

Removing the .style.display toggling code (highlighted in pastebin) and repeating the recreate gives the desired results.

Having the toggled element below the "Click me" link makes this work.

It seems that reflowing the HTML content above "Click me" makes Firefox forget the onclick event.

Originally filed with dojo as
Looks like I've got my onclick timing incorrect in the browser event sequence.
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