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Spinning this off bug 386799, with more details to get things worked out before these machines arrive (for this project, 4 Mac Minis, lowend, 1GB RAM each).  The goal is to provide a public resource to the cairo project, providing test and perf results.  Some details:

- Machines will be 2x linux (1 buildbot master, 1 slave), 1x winxp, 1x OSX

- I don't expect IT to be responsible for these machines in any way; if they blow up, the worst I might do is ask you guys to order replacements :)  They're not going to be critical infrastructure, but instead just a nice service we'd provide to the cairo community.

- I'll take care of the initial setup, ideally just stacking the machines by my desk until the OSs get installed and buildbot is set up etc.

- I'll need ssh access to the boxes, and ideally we'd give ssh access to carl and behdad, the two cairo maintainers.

- One of the boxes (running linux) will need to be http-accessible from the outside, for the buildbot front end.  This might be painful; a port-forward from an external IP+port to the internal one should be ok, as well as having the machines internally in an isolated network area.

- They can live either in the office server room or in the colo (or really, at my desk), though I'd prefer the office server room so that I can get to them easily if I need to do something on the physical machines.  It'll only be 4 machines, so we can potentially just stack them in a corner.

- They'll all be headless, but might need either a KVM port or something like not sure what the headless boot situation is on the minis.
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11 years ago
Will check "junk" inventory.

I need you to clarify RAM, disk, graphics requirements.  Please be as verbose as possible!
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(In reply to comment #1)
> Will check "junk" inventory.
> I need you to clarify RAM, disk, graphics requirements.  Please be as verbose
> as possible!

Whoops, typo in bug number above.. reference should be bug 386779.  No junk inventory, mac minis should be getting ordered (see the end of that bug).
Some OS details...

one machine running CentOS 5 (whatever the latest is that we use, fully patched)..  this can be cb-cairo01, and will serve as the buildbot master.  (ideally it could get an alias as cb-cairo-buildmaster or something)

one machine running Ubuntu Feisty (again whatever the latest is)

one running OSX 10.4, with dev stuff installed if we have a standard install for moz development

and one machine running Win XP, fully patched.  The free VC compiler should be good enough here, not sure if we have any standard installs for that.  (If not I can take care of it.)


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11 years ago
Up and running - these were part of the slew of other Minis.
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