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Clean up non-supported apps from Bouncer


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(Reporter: morgamic, Assigned: nthomas)


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Need to go through existing products and get rid of stuff we no longer support or know we don't need hosted on bouncer.
The uptake page can tell you the % of mirrors hosting a given product per os.  So you can see that the older files are only on like 5% of the mirrors (probably the ones with our entire image, not the lightweight rsync) and that is a pretty good indicator of what we can trim.
Mike, what's the best method for removal ? Is using Delete on the Product sufficient, or should the file locations be removed first ? Are the download stats worth saving, or already consolidated elsewhere ? 

I'm thinking of doing some cleanup as part of bug 390479.
Following on from bug 390479 comment #10, I removed the 9 file locations for Firefox-1.5 but bailed out on the others (too many clicks!). morgamic and his mighty DB skillz to the rescue.
Quite a few more builds have been removed from the rsync module, details in bug 390479. 

I guess we need to check what happens to old builds that are still pulling updates before we removing products in bouncer. We're OK at the moment because builds removed from the module are still carried by a few mirrors (5-10% of bandwidth). 
Target Milestone: --- → Bouncer 1.5
Nick - do we need to remove more, or are we good now?
Nick: Is this okay now, or is there anything left to be done here? If not, please close the bug. Thanks!
Assignee: morgamic → nrthomas
Per comment #3 I only removed one product so there are lots of old ones still configured. What was the original motivation for this bug ? 

FWIW, we have a MoCo mirror (dm-download02) in bouncer these days so that we can meet requests for old files.
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: waiting for response
Reopen if anyone can figure out the action item is here.
Closed: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
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