nsCSSParser::ExpectEndProperty no longer needed




11 years ago
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In bug 378217 comment 22 I suggested that missing ExpectEndProperty calls were needed.  I sat down to write a test for this, and found that we don't actually need ExpectEndProperty anymore (except for the places that use it to check if they're at the end or not while accepting a list), since all of the callers of ParseProperty check for the correct termination.  We could get a good bit of codesize savings by removing most of the callers to ExpectEndProperty (and we should perhaps rename it to IsEndProperty).

Boris, do you see any reason why this would still be needed in the bulk of the cases (i.e., those where if it fails we return false)?
Other than as an optimization to bail out faster in cases when there's trailing stuff, I don't think we need it.  And I don't think we should be making that optimization.  ;)
See Also: → bug 988780
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