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Write an extension to show information about version control systems


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So, I was looking at the Songbird website, and I noticed that they use Bugzilla for bug-tracking, but to interface with their SVN repository, they use Trac. I like the Trac timeline interface well enough, but I thought it'd be cool to write a plugin to do something similar for Bugzilla.

As part of this, I'd also like to make a Perl module for accessing various different kinds of version control systems. This could possibly be something to put on CPAN. (There's currently the "VCS" module on CPAN that was an attempt to do this, but it doesn't seem to support very many version control systems, and it hasn't been updated since 2004.)
For anybody who's interested, I've started work on the Perl module I talked about. It's called VCI and it's being tracked in my bzr repository. It doesn't do anything yet, but the API and the documentation is getting pretty fleshed out. You can get it by doing:

  bzr co
I'm making more progress on VCI. It supports bzr, and I'm going on to CVS support. Then I plan to do Svn and Hg. The docs for VCI are here, for now, until I feel that the module is complete enough to upload to CPAN:
Summary: Write a Plugin to show information about version control systems → Write an extension to show information about version control systems
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