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Various crashes [@ _moz_cairo_status] [@ _moz_cairo_surface_get_type] [@ _cairo_array_num_elements]


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Attached patch Patch rev. 1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
We have many reported Breakpad crashes with _moz_cairo* on the stack,
a number of these seems to be a null surface or possibly a surface
that we failed to setup properly (CairoStatus() != 0).
(only some of these are due to this bug of course)

The patch adds some error handling that avoids crashing in this situation.
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Patch rev. 1

I have a patch for this in bug 390668, though I like your bulletproofing more than mine.  Mind if I just integrate the two when I get review from stuart later today?
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No problem at all, merge them as you see fit.
Should be fixed by bug 390668.
Closed: 15 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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Attached patch Patch 2 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Sorry to bother you again Vlad, but there are a couple of places that
still can fail which I think we should handle:,85#80

1. CurrentSurface() can return nsnull (which has been seen in other bugs).
2. surface->GetDC() can return NULL;  it just returns mDC, which is assigned
from ::GetDC() or ::CreateCompatibleDC() which return NULL when they fail.
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Patch 2

Could've sworn I just commented on this, but apparently not.

Yeah, this looks fine; in theory aSurface should never be null -- can you add a NS_ASSERTION to that effect in DCFromContext?  Also, i'd much rather see something like:
dc = nsnull;
if (... Win32) {
  dc = blah;
  needsRelease = PR_FALSE;

if (!dc) {
  dc = GetDC(NULL);
  needsRelease = PR_TRUE;

instead of the early return and the nested if.  But r+ me with that.
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Patch 3

Looks great, thanks!
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This (or bug 390898) has caused bug 392170.
I accidentally checked in the wrong patch at first, it should be fixed now.
mozilla/gfx/thebes/src/gfxWindowsFonts.cpp 	1.139 
Depends on: 392170
Crash Signature: [@ _moz_cairo_status] [@ _moz_cairo_surface_get_type] [@ _cairo_array_num_elements]
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