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(Reporter: Tuukka Tolvanen (sp3000), Assigned: reed)





11 years ago
The rationale per bug 180813 appears to be using clean-report to distinguish unco filed in new state by canconfirm, because they can, from actually confirmed bugs. The actual use of clean-report seems to mostly be, ironically, any reporter setting it, because they can. That produces at most useless work and useless bugmail.

(cc is people who've added the kw as non-reporter on the theory they might know who they were adding it for)
so, I can't recall why I used it - but I imagine it was because I looked at the list of keywords, saw it, and applied it to the bug

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11 years ago
Agreed, I don't think it has much real use...

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11 years ago
Tukka: I don't think the final name of the keyword was very good.

But if the community isn't using it (as they probably are not using qawanted or helpwanted either), I say get rid of it. It was my idea, so I can't imagine a more important endorsement.

(Then again, Asa was sold on it, so please ask him as well).

I was going to try to explain the whole thing at once, but the original bug seems to include a variety of voices from key contributors. Maybe people will read it and think it was a good idea, maybe not.

The usage was mostly for networking, when I was qa. Many of the bug management changes started with me, so I was the beta component for process changes. I'm largely gone, so I probably should have removed this myself when I stopped contributing as much.

I don't have bugzilla admin access, so you'll need to find someone w/ the right privs.
I can remove it if that is the consensus. qawanted and helpwanted are actually still used, so we definitely do not want to remove those keywords.
Please do remove it - it would only work as designed if there existed at least one component where QA actually looked at and confirmed (by using clean-report) every bug reported (and removed every use of clean-report by anyone other than them, particularly by reporters), and where developers looked for only clean-report bugs to work on or managers assigned clean-report bugs to developers. No such component has emerged over the last five years, nor have the numerous discussions of the need for a READY status to solve the same problem decided to use clean-report instead. It's just noise, noise when a reporter adds it to an UNCO, noise when someone takes it back off.
Yeah, remove it.


11 years ago
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