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I've got a handful of changes at that do a bunch of things:

  - fix and simplify the HTML layout
  - fix resizing
  - remember resized size between loads
  - mark points (on continuous graphs only)
  - make hover cursor snap to nearest point
  - make getdata-fake.cgi work for both normal and discrete graphs
  - optimize rendering by not redrawing more than necessary
  - snap vertical lines to pixels in offset graphs
I'd like to just ask for one big review for the lot; when I commit to cvs I'll do separate commits so the individual changes stay separate.
Just added:

  - link to Bonsai for the currently selected date range.
I think that we are more interested in getting these changes in then we are in doing a thorough review process.  You can consider the patches r+ from me and we'll bug hunt after the fact, unless there are any objections.

Also, if it is comforting, I did play around with the test server that is currently up with these changes.  No crashing!
Checked in to cvs, yay!  See the URL above for the full list of changes, up to the bug-392057 tag.
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Comment 5

10 years ago
Should I push this live?
(In reply to comment #5)
> Should I push this live?

Alice/Vlad should probably put this on stage for a while to make sure it works well before going live.

Comment 7

10 years ago
Updated stage to trunk.
we should just push this live; schrep's ok with doing that.  we can fix any issues as they come up.

Comment 9

10 years ago
I pushed this live.
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