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11 years ago
I was noticing that on Windows, there is a separate thing that looks like an executable installed that uses Safe Mode. It should be possible to do the same for Mac OS X as well.

Really, one should be able to create /Applications/, for example, by creating a minimal app bundle a that would mostly refer to resources in /Applications/Firefox.

If it is deemed necessary to have this on Win, why not on the Mac also?

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11 years ago
There is a safe mode on Mac OS X :

But this is quite challenging to achieve this, since you need to be on the command line. The Windows version helps by providing an icon with the correct commandline-parameter. Macs can't have that, unless we provide a batch file (has a different icon), or a separate application as explained above. But the user still needs to find that icon - it would probably be stored in the Application folder. And then they would complain that there are 2 different Firefox icons.

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11 years ago
I know that FF has a Safe Mode on the Mac. And I know how to use it from the command-line.

What I was suggesting is this. Anything that can be done with an executable on the command-line can be done with an "app" by creating a Mac application bundle that does that thing.

So, a Mac application bundle can be created which, for example, uses the binary in the "" next to it and calls the executable with the "-SafeMode" command-line option.

I am on investigating, myself, how to build such a bundle. It is conceptually not hard, but there are tweaky things one must do to get things right. Info.plist things must be done, for example.

The more relevant question for the build team is whether they would be willing to include such a app bundle in the build and whether the install infrastructure then be made to do the right thing with it.

I am only suggesting that there is as much need for such an executable on the Mac as on Windows. I do recognize that setting up these kinds of command aliases is probably easier on Windows. But it is not impossible on a Mac.

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11 years ago
On trunk at least holding down Option will give you a safe-mode startup (bug 311466). I don't think this made it back to the 1.8.1 branch.

I don't think we should provide an entirely extra bundle to accomplish this.
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11 years ago
That's great. It is too bad that there is absolutely no visual indication that this is possible. I have been using FF on the Mac for a while, and I had no idea about this. There should be a way to find out about these features, besides asking bsmedberg. Of course, he does a very good job as a documentation substitute.

Perhaps there can be a Dock item for 'Open in Safe Mode' in the Dock menu of the application. It would, of course, be grayed out when the app was running.

This would, at least, let people know that the feature is there.
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11 years ago
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Summary: Mac OS X could use a safe mode executable also → Dock menu for Firefox could include 'Open in Safe Mode'

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11 years ago
That's a great idea. I have no clue how one adds items to the dock menu for applications that aren't running... is there a documented way to do that?

This feature hasn't made it into end-user docs because it hasn't made it into any end-user releases yet ;-)
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11 years ago
AFAIK, we do have a way, on SUMO, to mark FF3-specific content. I will talk to steeve, who wrote the SafeMode page.
Does anybody have any examples of any other applications which modify the 'closed state' Dock menu?  I've never seen one myself.  Knowing about one would allow learning from its .plist.

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9 years ago
To my knowledge, Mac OS X only allows applications to modify the Dock menu while the application is running.  This bug should probably be closed.

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9 years ago
You may be right. I thought I had seen apps where there were more than the default Dock menu items, but they might have been unreleased prototypes.

But this raises the question: Why not a re-launch in Safe Mode?

If anything, this might be more compelling to users.
Summary: Dock menu for Firefox could include 'Open in Safe Mode' → Dock menu for Firefox could include 'Re-Open in Safe Mode'

Comment 10

9 years ago
Mac OS X 10.6 now supports the concept of "dock tile plugins" that can modify a dock tile while an Application is not running. A dock tile plugin can also modify the dock menu for the Application as well.  Thus, an "Open in Safe Mode" option should now be possible in Snow Leopard.

Comment 11

9 years ago
Created attachment 398049 [details]
Firefox Dock Plugin for Snow Leopard v1.0

The attached zip file contains an Xcode project that provides a "dock tile plugin" for Firefox.  This is a loadable bundle that is loaded by the Dock before Firefox runs.  It adds an "Open in Safe Mode" menu item to the Firefox dock menu.


1. Build the project in Xcode 3.2 on Snow Leopard.

2. Remove the Firefox icon from the Dock.

3. Copy the built bundle (<project_dir>/build/Release/FirefoxDockPlugin.docktileplugin) to /Applications/ (not Plug-Ins!!) - you will need to create the destination directory

4.  Edit /Applications/ to add the following XML to the property list (add it at the end, right before the closing "</dict></plist>" bit).


5. Put the Firefox icon back on the Dock.  Right-click the Firefox dock icon and you should see an "Open in Safe Mode" option.

Other work left as an exercise to the reader:

* Support a "profiles" submenu that allows you to launch Firefox with a particular profile.

* Integrate the Xcode project into the Firefox build system.

Comment 12

8 years ago
I opened bug 524338 since I integrated the dock tile plugin into the Firefox build and to have an additional menu entry to access the Profile Manager.


7 years ago
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