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Inbox folder indicates 6 additional unread messages.  (bold "inbox(6)") when none can be found in folder or subfolders. All appeared the same day. Additional unread messages add to the unread message count.  

Problem remains after rebooting. 

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10 years ago
I confirm this symptom on Thunderbird (20081009) with Fedora 10.
To reproduce:
1. Select the Inbox "folder", which says "Inbox (4)"
2. Click Edit -> Folder Properties
3. In that window click "Rebuild Index"
4. Observe that the inbox folder goes to "Inbox" and then returns to "Inbox (4)

How it got that way in the first place, I do not know.  It has happened before, with previous thunderbirds and previous Fedora releases.

Also when I do "select all" in the inbox and 'm' to make all unread and then 'm' to make all read, I still get "Inbox (4)".

Examining the Inbox file I find that 4 of its lines contain
X-Mozilla-Status: 0000
and the remaining lines contain 0001, 0003, 0011, 1003, or 1011.

The four 0000 messages all came at the same time, Dec 2 from 16:50:47 to 16:50:52.  In three of those messages, the first indicator of any sender is an "Approved-By" line naming one "Pat Carroll".  If I search in Thunderbird for "Pat Carroll" three messages show up and are bolded (among several others from him which are not bolded).  If then I blank out the search box, messages are as before, with "Inbox (4)"; and 'n' attempts to advance to the next "folder".

The fourth message marked X-Mozilla-Status: 0000 has "Approved-By" naming Stewart Thomas J; and if I search for that name, I get seven messages of which one is bolded.  But if I then backspace the search to restore all messages, and then hit 'n', I get an attempt to advance; and yet "Inbox (4)" still shows.

In the Pat Carroll case, when my message listing shows only his, if I type 'n' it goes to the first bolded message and the inbox indicator goes to "Inbox (3)", as I sort of guessed it would.  Backspacing over the search argument to restore all listed messages, I then type 'n' and it attempts to advance; yet my inbox indicator still says "Inbox (3)".

Therefore a circumvention is to review the raw emails, find the messages with X-Mozilla-Status of 0000, find and write down their Approved-By names or other search argument, search by that string, and read or otherwise process the messages.  But there's a bug somewhere.

Hopefully this additional information will allow you to reproduce the problem.  If I can supply more information, please holler.
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