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set up seamonkeyproject-org website system on production server



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10 years ago
3 years ago


(Reporter: Robert Kaiser, Assigned: justdave)






10 years ago
The SeaMonkey Project is working on creating a separate website that should be hosted at www.seamonkey-?project.org (I own both variants, with and without the dash) in the future.

The code is already in CVS at www/seamonkeyproject-org/, it uses very similar setup to the previous perl-template-toolkit-based mozilla.com site, and Reed has already set up a preview system for testing on landfill, see 

We now would like to have this set up on a production server. The vhost should probably listen to preview.seamonkey-project.org as well as the final www. variants, so that I can make a DNS entry point to the production installation already before switching the official version.
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Note that the set up for this site should be exactly like the set up for www.mozilla.org.
It's got more in common with bugzilla.org actually.  The mozilla.org stuff is a big hack. :)  This was already approved a long time ago, fwiw, hence the creation of the top-level cvs module for it already being done.
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10 years ago
We'd also want to have doctor working for seamonkeyproject-org (and I already have the links for this in the pages) - Reed said that should be relatively easy to enable...
Doctor setup is done:

OK, cron-automated build scripts and distribution to the webheads is done.  All that's left is DNS.

You can point www-stage.seamonkeyproject.org at to try it out.  That IP will also serve www.seamonkeyproject.org whenever you get around to going live with it.

For bonus points, eventually you'll be able to make it a CNAME to seamonkey-org.glb.mozilla.com and we can globally load-balance it and serve it out of both colos, but that'll require some setup by mrz after he gets back from China before that'll work.  The current IP is also shared with bugzilla.org.  We can probably give it its own IP at some point, but that requires some setup work on the NetScalers as well.  This should get you going in the mean time.  You can probably file another bug to get the GLB setup when you're ready to put it in production.
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