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12 years ago
The current transition page for downloads on giving steps on how to install firefox is all built client-side with javascript, which make it not localizable:

I wrote another version PHP based to replace the current on which will make it localizable:

Translations would just be a text file like this one:

If we don't have a translation in the /{locale}/l10n/ folder, the script falls back to English.

Still a work in progress, feedback welcome.
I'm all for moving our crazy client-side javascript stuff over to PHP where possible.

Is it possible to keep the english versions of the strings inline and mark them as translatable there, rather than pulling all of the strings out into an array at the top of the page?

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12 years ago
the strings are not inline so as to allow a common template for XP/Mac, so we can put the strings inline but it means having separate templates in the switch cases.

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12 years ago
Adding Kohei...
Assignee: nobody → pascalc

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11 years ago
I have updated the page to fix the following issues:
- uses the new javascript function for delayed downloading to be compatible with IE/Safari (taken from the current download page)
- basic parameter check : if the download parameters, or the OS isn't a supported one, it redirects to the home page
- it checks if the 'step1.png' image is in the /{locale}/img/... folder, if it is not it uses the en-US images instead, this way we don't have to have all the screenshots ready, we just have to add them when they are ready in the right folders

The main remaining localization issue is I think the image which will not work with RTL languages, so we would need to use real text instead or a second image with some clever CSS like htm[rtl] {background-image...}, Steven what do you prefer ?
Can we close this bug?

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8 years ago
yes, we have transition pages set up.
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