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11 years ago
- It cannot reliably fulfill calICalendar::getItem since an item's UID need not be globally unique, but is scoped to the single calendar (collection wrt CalDAV <>). I consider that rule rather inpracticable, because once an invitation is sent out to another calendar, it's hard to maintain resp. may put a burden on mapping external/internal UIDs, but it's specified.

- It multiplexes getItems calls to all contained calendars, sending a final onOperationComplete if all operations have completed. If only a single contained calendar fails to send it, no onOperationComplete will be fired at all; I consider this being rather fragile. May this relate in any way to bug 393387?

- The refresh/onLoad mimic doesn't fit (and doesn't scale); the views could by far better refresh calendars.

- calICompositeCalendar works on URIs, thus you cannot have multiple calendars of the same URI in it. The composite code should use calICalendar::id managing its collection; changed interface proposal:
    hasCalendar(calICalendar) // instead of getCalendar
Daniel, is this something in our backend we want to tackle for the 0.8 release?
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10 years ago
It would be good to have this for 0.8
Ever confirmed: true
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10 years ago
Not going to happen for 0.8.
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