Crash attempting to open file chooser



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User-Agent:       Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X; en; rv: Gecko/20070809 Camino/1.5.1
Build Identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X; en; rv: Gecko/20070809 Camino/1.5.1

click 'Browse' button to upload file - Camino crashes

kern_protection_failure - I couldn't find a way to upload screenshot

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
click 'Browse' button to upload file
Actual Results:  
Camino crashes

Expected Results:  
bring system navigation dialog

Guys, the version 1 of Camino was excellent. The new version - 1.5 - is simply too buggy and unstable. CONSTANT crashes, websites rendered improperly, login info doesn't appear etc. 

Both Intel and PPC Macs.

I only hope you know about all those problems as good as I do and work on fixing them. Otherwise, Camino won't last for too long. As much as I love it, I'm not going to chase the problems of a web browser, try to reproduce it and post here. It just should work - just like the version 1 did.

Again, Camino is my absolutely favorite browser, it's the only one I've been using on OS X, and I hope it'll only get better and more popular.

Please bring the stability of version 1 back!


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error screenshot
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No, we nothing about the problems you mention; the vast majority of users don't have them.

If you would like to see this fixed, the first step is to download and run
and attach the resulting file using the "Add an attachment link" above.

You also describe a variety of other problems, and we need one report per problem, so please file separate bugs on specific cases of your other issues (login problems, page rendering, etc.)

(However if, as you say, you aren't interested in helping to figure out what the issues on your machines are, then we'll have to close this, and you'll likely have to switch to another browser, since unfortunately we can't fix problems that we can't reproduce and that the user experiencing them won't help debug.)
Summary: click 'Browse' button to upload file → Crash attempting to open file chooser

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Created attachment 279491 [details]
Upload/browse from Desktop to YouTube account

shows successful upload from Browse Screen on Version 2007090301 (2.0a1pre)

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11 years ago
    (In reply to comment #0)
    > click 'Browse' button to upload file - Camino crashes

    Hoping I am filing attachment as well as a comment to OP's Bug-Rep

    See my attachment of screenshot showing me with yesterdays Trunk build
    Version 2007090301 (2.0a1pre) ... shows me trying to add an upload/browse file
    to YouTube account a few mins ago ... WFM I guess.

    Which, as I uploaded that attachment from link way above this ... I also had to
    use Browse ...inside camino ... and I see you did too, or must have used
    another browser to get the screenshot up here ...

Removing "(password protected)" from URL field; there was never a URL in this bug.

Reporter, if there *is* a URL where this can be reproduced, we need to know what it is., please respond to comment 2 and the last part of comment 5.
Keywords: crash
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Closing based on lack of response. If you can provide the requested information, you may re-open this bug at that time.
Last Resolved: 11 years ago
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