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HTTP Proxy Authentication


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It would be great to have a possibility to use a proxy which requires a authentication (user and password).

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Assign http to Preferences - Global Settings - Proxy Type
2. Connect to IRC Server
Actual Results:  
Message appears:
Proxy Authentication Required

Expected Results:  
ChatZilla should give a possibility to assign a Proxy authentication.
What kind of proxy authentication are we talking about? If it's HTTP type stuff, doesn't the proxy dialog in Firefox's options allow you to do this? IIRC, that's where we get our proxy info from if you select http proxy.
Summary: [Feature Request] HTTP Proxy Authentication → HTTP Proxy Authentication
With Firefox it works this way:
You can assign the HTTP Proxy address and Port, but not user and password. When you first try to open a website, Firefox pops up a Input box, where you can assign  proxy user and password. (This happens only if the proxy server requires a authentication)

What I've tried to do:
I've started Firefox and opened a website. Firefox prompted me to assign proxy user and password. I assigned this user and password. After all I opened ChatZilla, but the message "Proxy Authentication" still appeared.
Mmk. Sounds like we need to check with the password/login manager for logins to the proxy or something (and/or prompt if we can't find anything).

Ever confirmed: true
Hardware: PC → All
Version: unspecified → Trunk
Confirming?! We have no control over this, ffs. We tell Necko to proxy our connection via whatever the HTTP proxy is and *it* prompts for authentication, just like the stupid modal security dialogs.

God, I just want to give up some days. Don't make that day today.
Er, that's not true. Necko allows you to provide an nsIAuthPrompt(2) which you can use to prompt for authentication.
It was what I had been told previously, and trunk gained the ability to override the prompts. If there's none by default (any longer or for ever), that sucks balls.
That is incorrect as far as authentication prompts are concerned. There never was a default prompt.

The Bad Certificate dialogs are different, there was and still is a default prompt for them.
Goody. So we get to fix a flaw in the "platform".

OOI, is there a default or standard prompter (i.e. nsIAuthPrompt implementation) we could hook up with little to no effort? OTOH, I don't think a modal prompt is the right solution, but I'm not sure whether we should be silently using found auth info from the password manager either.
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