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do not launch a second browser window when calling firefox -jsconsole


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when you firefox is not launched, and you call firefox -jsconsole, firefox opens a browser window, and javascript console: that seems quite reasonable.
But when you already have one browser window open, if you call firefox -jsconsole, it would be nice to launch console, but not another browser window.

        // note that since we don't prevent the default action, you'll get
        // an additional application window, unless you specified another
        // command line flag

Replacing the comment with this line.: | cmdLine.preventDefault = true; | seem to fix the problem.

I see this in SeaMonkey 2.0a1pre too. This is a regression from xpfe-seamonkey so I'm adding the [regression] keyword.
Keywords: regression
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q.v. <>
The previous attempt to prevent unnecessary browser windows opening was minused however, but perhaps Benjamin could rethink his objections.
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Patch v1.0

I wonder why the requestee field didn't take.
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Here is an alternative solution:
it checks if there are already window loaded. If there are some, it preventDefaults, otherwise, it does not prevent default.
The reason is:
when firefox is *not* already running, and I run "firefox -jsconsole"
I find it consistent to open console *and* browser (because console alone is not very useful in my opinion).
but when firefox is already running, I find it better to get only console.

That is also the way things work in thunderbird: thunderbird -jsconsole opens thunderbird only if it is not already open.

But may be other people will disagree with me.

What do you think is best ?
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Patch v1.0

If there are no windows open already, we should open one.
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alternative behaviour

This won't work correctly: what happens if a handler prior to this one opens a window?

It may make sense that if this is an initial command line, don't preventDefault, but if it's a remote command, then you can preventDefault.
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I assumed that: if state is STATE_REMOTE_EXPLICIT, a command has been specified with -remote, and therefore, we don't want to preventDefault
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> +        if (cmdLine.state ==  nsICommandLine.STATE_REMOTE_AUTO) {
> +            cmdLine.preventDefault = true;
> +        }
No need for a {} block for a one line if.

> +
No need for this blank line.
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preventDefault if state is STATE_REMOTE_AUTO

>Index: console/jsconsole-clhandler.js

>+        if (cmdLine.state ==  nsICommandLine.STATE_REMOTE_AUTO) {

nit: extra space
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carrying over r+bsmedberg
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Checking in toolkit/components/console/jsconsole-clhandler.js;
/cvsroot/mozilla/toolkit/components/console/jsconsole-clhandler.js,v  <--  jsconsole-clhandler.js
new revision: 1.8; previous revision: 1.7
Closed: 14 years ago
Keywords: checkin-needed
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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 3 M9
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