Finish cleaning up (and syncing shared parts) Firefox and Safari migration guides



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It's pretty clear from reading over them that the Safari and Firefox guides weren't as done/polished as the existing documentation content.  The guides need to be audited for spelling, grammar, cbo style guide, etc.  Then we need to sync any shared content/stucture.

Putting this in my hopper for now, but if someone else feels up to it, please feel free to steal this.
These now need updates for 1.6, too (the big bold "Built-in to Camino 1.5", at least).
Er, and the "search the web" shortcuts and the "Adding Search Engines".

Moving up in priority; they really need fixing once the site is stable again.
Priority: -- → P2
Comment 1 and 2 are done (bug 429877); we may want TOCs to make the ids from bug 429877 more visible?

The Firefox page also needs to mention that some files are only directly importable from Fx2.
I finished fixing this today, including adding TOCs for all the H* ids (there's an id for customizing shortcuts for QA and websit interlinking purposes, but I didn't expose it in the TOC).

Please file new bugs on anything you find that needs additional work.
Last Resolved: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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